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What bike to bring to camp

Pedalheads asks that all children attending our camps provide your own bike(s) and bike helmet(s) for the camp.Β  

Bike recommendations vary depending on your child's skill level. For all bikes, they should be structurally sound with no broken parts or wires that may be unsafe. Check the brakes, tires and the steering of your child’s bike before coming to camp. Special tips for shopping for beginners (Level 1 & Level 2):

  • Do not buy a bike they will "grow into". Look for used bikes on Craigslist
  • While sitting on the seat, feet should be flat on the ground
  • Foot brakes are easier than hand brakes for smaller children

Older kids who know how to ride may want to explore a bike with gears, (which is necessary if they wish to participate in Level 5 or Level 6 or our Pedalheads Trail Levels 2, 3, & 4).

If you are still unsure about what bike to purchase, we always recommend bringing in your child to a local bike shop and asking the experts! They will be able to fit your child on different bikes and find the one that works best for you.

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