Lost & Found

2 min. readlast update: 02.10.2022

Sometimes, especially with all the excitement of camp, kids lose things. We recommend that children do not bring valuables with them to camp, and that every parent checking out with their child's instructor at the end of each day takes a moment to ensure that all their child's items go home with them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property; however, we do maintain a lost and found bin where we collect items that we find. At the end of every term, the lost items are taken to the nearest charity and donated. 

Each site and pool will have an on-site lost and found. Please consult the site manager to see where yours is located and remember to check at pick-up for lost and found items. Also, please take a final look on Friday. All lost and found items will be donated to a local charity at the end of the season if they are not claimed beforehand.

How to Retrieve Lost Items if your Camp is No Longer in Session

Please contact our office. You can email us at info@pedalheads.com or you can give our office a call at 1-888-886-6464. Please include a description of the lost item and the date lost. We will reach out to the site to see if they have found your item. 

Please note that all lost items will be held at the site until the end of the season. For example, if you lose an item at a Bike camp location, they will hold it until the last week they are running camps at that site. Pools will keep lost items on site until the last day of the session.

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