Air Quality Policy

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Camps run as scheduled whenever possible

 We will operate camps as scheduled to help you avoid rearranging your obligations. We may limit activities based on conditions, but we will care for your child. When necessary, we will have additional staff on hand to provide extra assistance.

Safety always comes first! 

We make decisions based on what’s best for our campers and staff based on the recommended guidelines from Canadian and American health agencies. We review air quality conditions on a regular basis and adjust camp activities as needed. Below is Pedalheads’ action plan for different levels of Air Quality.

What you need to know 

Strenuous activity defined

 Health authorities recommend that strenuous and/or prolonged activities be reduced or avoided as air quality worsens. These authorities have defined strenuous activities as those that require ongoing and extreme levels of physical exertion (i.e. jogging, soccer, and tennis). Our introductory levels are not generally considered strenuous as they are focused on skill development and instruction rather than speed and endurance. Our advanced levels that include a road-riding component do involve increased physical effort and continuous activity; as such, we adjust these classes more drastically as air quality worsens.

A flexible response plan 

Because air quality can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and fluctuate dramatically hour by hour, it is difficult to create a rigid set of policies that accommodate constantly changing conditions. Our Site Managers and Supervisors have the authority to adjust to real time conditions as they change.

Securing indoor space isn’t always possible

 We strive to secure camp locations that offer indoor space, but it’s not always possible and our only option is to remain outdoors. Check the details of your preferred camp locations for information about available facilities.

We don’t offer refunds or credits 

Trust your judgement! We encourage you to consider your child’s specific situation and decide whether or not to participate in camp on days with poor air quality. That said, as our goal is to maintain full staffing levels every day, and incur the associated costs, we are unable to offer credits or a refund if your child does not participate on days affected by poorer-than-usual air quality.

About masks

 As our instructors are more continuously active than campers during the day, they may choose to wear N95 mask respirators as a precautionary measure. However, as dust and respirator masks are not specifically designed to fit a child’s face, they will not seal well enough to provide any protection (mask details) and are not recommended for camp activities.

Report health concerns 

If you have specific concerns about your child’s health, please communicate these to the site manager or your child’s instructor during Monday check-in. While your child may not get to experience as much biking or multi-sport activity as planned, please know that we do everything in our power to ensure they have a positive camp experience.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions or concerns. You can reach us at 1-888-886-6464.

Regional Air Quality Resources



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