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Trail 3

Description:¬†In this level,¬†campers¬†get to ADVENTURE by¬†tackling¬†local trails! The focus will be¬†to¬†practice¬†the skills to¬†safely ready campers for riding intermediate¬†trails in your area¬†and ensure¬†campers know proper trail etiquette. This will¬†include¬†developing¬†skills such as¬†a camper‚Äôs¬†comfort riding on various surfaces,¬†basic¬†cornering and pumping,¬†obstacle¬†and¬†hazard dodging, uphill¬†and¬†downhill riding,¬†introducing¬†small features, and¬†going on¬†longer rides¬†all while being¬†safe.¬† 

To register for this level, kids must¬†already¬†be¬†7 years old.¬†It is recommended that kids first participate in¬†Trail 2.¬† 

Ages: 7-10 

Gear requirements:¬† 

16‚ÄĚ + bike¬† 

Front and back hand brakes¬† 


Properly fitted¬†helmet 

Backpack with water bottle or hydration pack¬† 

Nut-free snack 

Skill requirements:  

Can ride 10km comfortably‚ÄĮ 

A desire to be exposed to small features¬†and¬†uneven terrain (roots & rocks) 


Spare bike tube 

Knee pads and gloves¬†recommended¬†  

Front suspension recommended