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Trail 2

Description:Ā In this level, we GET GOING on the trails!Ā Campers will ride on a variety of surfaces,Ā develop their skills going up and down hillsĀ using their gearsĀ and brakes effectively,Ā learn about trail etiquette,Ā andĀ beĀ safelyĀ introduced toĀ minorĀ featuresĀ depending on what isĀ available in your area (ie. roots, small rocks).  

To register in this level, kids must be turning 7 by the end of the calendar year. 

Ages: 7-10 

Gear requirements:  

16ā€ + bikeĀ  

Hand brakesĀ  


Backpack with water bottle or hydration packĀ  

Properly fittedĀ helmet 

Nut-free snack 

Skill requirements:  

Must be able to use front & back hand brakesĀ  

CanĀ currentlyĀ ride 5 kms on green (easy) trails 

Suggested Equipment:  

Spare bike tubes

Bike gloves