Trail 1

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Trail 1 - Intro to Trail

Description: Focused on FUN and EXPLORATION, these campers will get to explore nearby local areas by riding along various bike paths and trails. Campers will be introduced to riding on different surfaces and develop their skills, such as steering, control and riding in a group. Campers will also learn about trail etiquette, how to bike safely and develop their stamina throughout the week. 

To register for this level, kids must already be 4 years old. Please note they must be 4 or older by the first day of camp.

Ages: 4-6 years old

Gear requirements:  

14” + bike  

Coaster brakes OK, hand brakes preferred  

No training wheels  

Backpack with water bottle or hydration pack  

Properly fitted helmet 

Nut-free snack 

Skill requirements:  

Ride independently  

Start pedaling on first try  

Stop without skidding  

Suggested Equipment:  

Spare bike tube 

Bike gloves 

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