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Trail 1

Trail 1 - Intro to Trail

Description:¬†Focused on FUN and¬†EXPLORATION, these¬†campers¬†will get to explore nearby local areas by riding along various bike¬†paths¬†and¬†trails.¬†Campers will be introduced to¬†riding on¬†different¬†surfaces¬†and¬†develop¬†their skills, such as¬†steering,¬†control¬†and¬†riding in a group. Campers will also learn about trail etiquette, how to bike safely and develop their stamina throughout the week. 

To register for this level, kids must already be 4 years old. Please note they must be 4 or older by the first day of camp.

Ages: 4-6 years old

Gear requirements:¬† 

14‚ÄĚ + bike¬† 

Coaster brakes¬†OK, hand brakes preferred¬† 

No training wheels¬† 

Backpack with water bottle or hydration pack¬† 

Properly fitted¬†helmet 

Nut-free snack 

Skill requirements:¬† 

Ride independently¬† 

Start pedaling on first try‚ÄĮ 

Stop without skidding‚ÄĮ 

Suggested Equipment:  

Spare bike tube 

Bike gloves