Preparing for Camp

2 min. readlast update: 12.07.2021

When will my child have their training wheels off? 

Every child who enrolls in our camp is unique, so taking the training wheels off will come at a different time for each child. We want children to feel proud and excited to take them off, and when we feel the child is ready to take them off, we’ll gently encourage and motivate the child to give it a try. 

To determine whether a child is ready to have their training wheels removed, the site manager or supervisor assesses each child according to our Training Wheels Checklist and obstacle course. When a child successfully completes the course, they’re ready to take the training wheels off. 

Will my child learn to ride in one week? 

Every child learns to ride at a different pace. We cannot guarantee that they’ll be able to ride in one week. Several factors can affect how quickly they learn to ride a two-wheeler, including age, comfort level on a bike, fears, or having a cautious personality. While some kids learn in one week, others may benefit from more than one session in Level 1 to build confidence and biking skills as part of the learning process. 

Should I take the training wheels off before bringing my child to camp? 

Don’t worry about it! We have all the tools on-site to remove your child’s training wheels. It’s also beneficial for the instructors to see that the kids can pedal, steer, and brake comfortably and effectively with the training wheels on before we take them off. That said, we can teach your child on a two-wheeler without training wheels, too. 

How can I help my child achieve success? 

An important part of your child’s success in learning to ride is through your involvement in their learning. This can include taking your child out for family rides, talking about biking to raise excitement, and speaking with your instructor to see what is being worked on in class. Our instructors are happy to provide you with tips and skills you can work on at home. 

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