Level 1 - Newbees

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

To register for this level, kids must be age 4 or older (Within the calendar year. Please see note below for age requirement information for Ontario families*).

Newbees are beginners who can't yet ride a two-wheel bike. To participate, they should come on a two-wheel bike with training wheels, though, we can teach them without training wheels, too. 

Newbees will learn how to pedal, steer, stop, and, if they are ready, balance on two wheels! We'll also cover the different parts of a bike and bike and helmet safety.

*Note for Ontario families: Please note that with the Early Child Care and Early Years Legislation, in order to register for a full day camp, your child(ren) must be four years old by the start of camp. A child not yet four at the start of camp can register for a half-day camp only if accompanied by a caregiver. Without a caregiver present, children age three turning four after their camp are unable to attend the half-day session.  

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