Instructors - What to Look For

1 min. readlast update: 01.15.2022

When you arrive at camp, one thing you may notice is the Pedalheads team wearing different coloured shirts. This is so you can easily identify our roles

Green Shirts - Site Managers

The Site Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations at camp and supporting instructors. Any questions or concerns you may have at camp can be directed to this person.

Yellow Shirt - Supervisor

Supervisors support and mentor Instructors with their classes, and will often have a class of their own. They also assist the site manager as needed with various tasks and will oversee the camp in the manager's absence. Questions can also be directed to a supervisor at any time. 

Blue Shirt - Instructor

Instructors teach their own class of kids at camp. They're responsible for signing your child in and out, preparing lesson plans, and running the class in a safe and fun manner. 

Orange Shirt - Junior Instructor (Volunteer)

Junior Instructors are volunteers and assist instructors with their classes. Junior Instructors are never left alone with children or assigned a class by themselves. 

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