Half-Day Bike Camp

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

Our half-day camp features three hours per day of Safety and Bike proficiency instruction. From beginners on training wheels to advanced riders on the road, we teach kids the skills needed to succeed on the trails and streets. 

Our instructors use games, obstacle courses and positive encouragement to help develop kids' skills and confidence on their bikes.

During the week, the children spend time both on and off their bikes which helps keep them energized and engaged. Our program helps kids gain confidence, teach them the importance of safety skills, and ensure they have fun at camp! Each day, campers take bathroom, snack and water breaks when needed. 

Kids also spend the week preparing for one of our Pedalheads challenges, appropriate for their level.

Every Friday, your child can participate in one of our fun theme days. Our team will be dressed up and doing their best to make this a fun and enjoyable day for your child. You'll be informed at the beginning of the week what the upcoming theme is. We encourage you to dress your child up!

We also offer before and after care. If you register for a morning half-day camp, you can purchase one hour of before care. If you register for an afternoon of half-day camp, you can purchase one hour of after care. 

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