Camp Rules and Behavioral Expectations

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

At Pedalheads, we like to keep our rules simple and easy for kids to remember to guide behavioral expectations for the week.

Instructors review these seven simple rules on the first day of camp in a fun and interactive manner that engages the class and makes them feel like they helped create the rules. 

We believe in positive reinforcement to gain ultimate success. With that in mind, we employ a no time-out policy. If a child's behavior is inappropriate, we encourage our instructors to refer to the camp rules with their class or consult a supervisor or site manager for assistance. If this behavior persists and is disruptive to the progress of the class, the instructor and supervisor or site manager will work together with the child's parents to find the best method for improving their child's behavior at camp. 

At Pedalheads we always: 

  1. Get back up when we fall down
  2. Clean up after ourselves
  3. Have fun and smile a lot
  4. Practice safety and wear our helmets 
  5. Listen to our instructors
  6. Try our best at everything we do
  7. Practice kindness and are respectful of others

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