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Trail 4

Trail 4 - Technical (Exclusive to North Vancouver, BC)

Description: In this level,¬†campers SHRED the trails¬†and¬†must be comfortable with bike handling skills that will allow them to¬†safely¬†focus on¬†developing¬†intermediate mountain bike techniques. They will be¬†gaining confidence by¬†tackling¬†technical¬†trails, both up and down,¬†ladder bridges¬†and other small to medium¬†features.¬†We will ensure campers continuously gain trail etiquette knowledge and ride within their limits.¬† 

We strongly suggest that¬†campers¬†complete at least Trail 3¬†before¬†this level¬†or have¬†been exposed to¬†easy small features and¬†basic intermediate terrain.¬† 

To register for this level, kids must¬†already¬†be¬†9 years old.¬† 

Ages: 9-12 

Gear Requirements:¬† 

20‚ÄĚ+ bike¬† 

Front and rear hand brakes¬† 


Properly fitted¬†helmet 

Front suspension required 

Must have gloves and knee pads 

Backpack with water bottle or hydration pack¬† 

Nut-free snack 

Spare bike tube 

Skill Requirements:¬† 

Can ride 10km comfortably‚ÄĮ 

Must have been exposed to easy roots, rocks and features and ladder bridges (assisted) 

Suggested Equipment:¬† 

Full face helmet¬†and elbow pads are¬†optional 

Disc brakes recommended